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A labour of love...

Digital Art and Restoration is a labour of love and collaboration. Respect for creativity is found within high-quality prints; I don’t believe in settling for the mediocre. We’ll collaborate on expressing your work, focusing on the importance of the subject and dialogue, ensuring that the tonal values, proper mediums and textures are selected. Together we’ll convey the sophisticated and wonderful language of the print: a work that is both read and that reads its audience.

A collaborative printing approach


Project with William P. McElligott

Ottawa book
Ottawa book

The book Ottawa Canada (2011), released by one of Canada's premiere architectural photographers, was a fascinating project. The book depicts Ottawa’s landscapes and architecture throughout the seasons, showcasing the diversity of the city and its events. My task was to assist the photographer with scanning film images and maintaining the colour quality of the prints for publication. It was a unique and personal project, as it was a chance to be involved in presenting an authentic sense of the city of Ottawa, regionally, nationally and globally.

Top images: Ottawa Canada book cover
Bottom image: Photo from the Ottawa Canada book

joy Kadish

Project with Joy Kardish

I worked with Joy on a piece that was featured in Diffusion: Unconventional Photography. Many elements went into the print, and care was taken to select the right materials for its final presentation. The photograph was printed on a combination of Japanese rice paper and mylar.

Left image: Find information
Bottom image: Inside Looking Out art piece

Project with Jack Ives

For his book, Sustainable Mountain Development, Professor Ives was looking to have several images scanned and restored. I was tasked with taking old photographs and removing their surface mould, along with restoring those that had faded. There were 149 images in total that were in need of varying levels of restoration and scanning. Additionally, I assisted Professor Ives with the drafting of line drawings for the publication.

First image: Sustainable Mountain Development book cover
Second image: Baffin Island - Field Research and High Arctic Adventure 1961 - 1967 book cover
Bottom large image: Photo from the Sustainable Mountain Development book

Sustainable Mountain Development book cover Baffin Island - Field Research and High Arctic Adventure 1961 - 1967

What We Do

Photo by Dave Andrews


Dave Andrews

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Restoration photo sample


Photo sample

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Art by Ruth Dick

iPhone Photographer

Ruth Dick

iPhone iMagery

"Thanks Dave Andrews for your great insights, talent and generous heart!"
- Carole Françoise Noel

"It's always a collaboration between photographer and printer, and he is an artist from whom I learn so very much !"
- Ruth Dick

"Dave is a an artist is in own right who shares his knowledge with his clients willing. His work is beautiful and always of the same high caliber. I only use Dave!"
- Joy Kardish

"Dave is the best! Great results & attention to detail from start to finish."
- Andrew Balfour

"Dave invests himself in the work he prints for the artists he serves."
- Alan Mirabelli

"Dave’s attention to detail and love of the craft is evident in his prints"
- Beth Gordon


Portrait of David Andrews

David Andrews

It’s important for you to know that my business is not about me. It’s about the prints, and your work. Still, websites tend to demand that I share a bit about myself, so I’ll share what seems relevant. Photography is in my genes, with both my father and grandfather dedicating their lives to the craft. Nightly gatherings of photographers, developers and other members of the arts community were common at my home, and exposed me to a lifetime of conversational learning. I found my fascination for photography develop in the dark room, the space where film translates into print. My career veered momentarily away from photography, as I delved into graphic design and computer programming, but when I became the photo editor of This Country Canada (which won the NPPA gold metal for use of photography), my gut called me back to the camera.

The chance to speak with up-and-coming photographers about their work, and marrying those works with stories, enriched my appreciation of the print. My experience in a broader sense of living allows me to help others to realize their own potential. I like to think I have an ability to sense and see into the heart of a work, to ensure it speaks for itself. I’m also a musician, and a Harley rider. And yes, I may be the one behind Digital Art and Restoration, but the picture is not complete without the wonderful photographers and artists I work with.

Picture of David's father
Picture of David and Photographer Hans Blohm

Large top image: David Andrews
Left image: Andy Andrews at Kent State in the early 50's
Right image: David Andrews with Photographer Hans Blohm

"The chance to speak with up-and-coming photographers about their work, and marrying those works with stories, enriched my appreciation of the print."

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My office is located on the lower floor of Henry’s, located at 267 Bank Street (just at the corner of Bank and Somerset). OCTranspo has a stop for buses 1, 2, and 7 right in front of the shop. When you enter Henry’s, you’ll notice a gated area near the centre of the store. Click the gate open, wander down the stairs and go left. You’ll find my office there.